Greenpeace takes banned ad to steps of Parliament

Greenpeace takes banned ad to steps of Parliament

Greenpeace will screen a controversial recycling TVC in front of NSW Parliament today after it was banned by all free-to-air commercial television networks.

The ad imitates a Coca-Cola advertisement, featuring beautiful youngsters drinking Coke from plastic bottles by the beach.

But the idyllic scene is quickly juxtaposed with a montage of dead birds – some of them strangled by the plastic from Coke bottles, others dead from ingesting the plastic waste.

The campaign,“Stop trashing Australia”, directly targets the soft drink giant, which Greenpeace claims is blocking the introduction of a new recycling scheme called Cash For Containers.

Greenpeace says Channel Nine called the ad “offensive” while Channel Seven described it as “inappropriate”.

SBS wouldn’t run it because it was “against their commercial interests” and, according to Greenpeace, Coca-Cola even bought the keyword “Greenpeace” on Google.

The ad was funded by thousands of Australians and lobbies the Australian government to get behind Cash for Containers.

So far 1.2 million people have watched it online.

Greenpeace Campaigner Reece Turner said:  “Coca Cola might be able to use their giant advertising budget to scare away TV channels, but we will not let them shut down debate.

“Over a million people have watched our ad online and cash for containers has overwhelming support, so today we’re taking that message to Barry O’Farrell. On the side of a giant movie truck.”

Greenpeace will today be trailing NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell with the cinema truck to “make sure he gets the message”.

“In the next few weeks, state governments will decide whether or not they support Cash for Containers. It’s time for Barry O’Farrell to can Coke and join his Coalitions partners in Victoria and NT in backing a cleaner country,” said Turner. 

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