Get Britain Fertile ad causes a stir

Get Britain Fertile ad causes a stir

A UK campaign aimed at raising fertility has been slammed as “misogynistic”, “naive” and “patronising” for featuring a wrinkled and grey-haired pregnant woman.

The ‘Get Britain Fertile’ marketing campaign by pregnancy  and ovulation test company First Response is designed to shock women into thinking about starting their families earlier.

However, the artwork has been widely called into question across the UK press, by bloggers and on social media.

The poster features UK television host Kate Garraway transformed into an elderly, wrinkled woman whose mature age is juxtaposed with a protruding pregnant belly.

One Twitter user said: “Women struggling with fertility or lack of partner do not need campaign in their face with wrinkly old mum & ‘Get Britain Fertile’ message’.”


“Kate Garraway’s Get Britain Fertile campaign is wrong, misogynistic and utterly naive,” said another.

Others branded the campaign “ridiculous” and “yet another motherhood-related guilt trip”.

What do you think of the campaign? Does it motivate you to start a family sooner? Let us know by leaving a comment in the form below.

Shock tactics in advertising is nothing new, earlier this week Quit Victoria released a new TV ad called ‘Last Dance’ which took an mournful approach to curb smoking rates.

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