Giving tech product Innovation Lion is 'bullshit'

Giving tech product Innovation Lion is 'bullshit'

The CEO of the largest independent digital production house MediaMonks has described the decision to award technical product Cinder the Innovation Lion as "complete bullshit". 

Today the digital hotshop, which works with some of the biggest networks in the world, unveiled its third global office in Singapore, opening its doors to Australian clients as it looks to attract regional work. 

So far they have taken five Lions, with work for Axe's Apollo campaign landing Gold and Silver. 

CEO Victor Knaap told B&T while Asia was 18-months behind on the desktop devices they were well advanced in mobile, learnings he is keen to transport back to the London and New York offices. 

The agency works with the likes of BBH, DDB and the BBDO networks already, as well as a multitude of regional and local shops, providing the technical expertise to execute the creative idea.

But Knaap said they had no desire to bypass agencies and go straight to clients to provide solutions, and shunned the idea of building out a technical product division in the agency.

On Monday the Innovation award was handed to open-source creative coding product Cinder.

Knaap said: "I was completely annoyed by the fact the Innovation award was won by an IT solution. If there was an Innovation award last year then HTML5 should have won that award. 

"That's complete bullshit, we're here at an advertising festival to represent the advertising industry, so what should have won is something that's an advertising idea and can use that technique. 

"But it needs to be a campaign because we're at the advertising awards. If there was a really good campaign rolled out with that technique then it was a sure winner. It's no good for my industry, we just want to make good campaigns."

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