Fuji Xerox's many faces

Fuji Xerox's many faces

Always losing your print card? Or sick of wasting time punching your password into the company scanner? Well Fuji Xerox is out to make life easier as demonstrated in the new ‘Smart Work Enabler’ campaign.

The campaign heroes the brand’s use of facial recognition technology and their products’ ability to allow users to share and print documents remotely via smartphones and tablets.

Bringing to life the campaign is MercerBell.

MercerBell has created the “striking Rubik’s cube style head” to be the central image of the integrated campaign.

David Bell, executive creative director MercerBell, said: “The head is closely connected to Fuji Xerox Australia’s purpose of helping people to work smarter, and communicates on several levels.”

“On a simple level, the image speaks about the many features and benefits such as facial recognition, motion sensing start up and quiet operation. At a deeper level it promises the user an enhanced level of performance and empowerment, to be able to work smarter, do more and share more.”

The agency worked with creative image production company Electric Art to assemble the head. The facial components included in the cube were chosen to reflect the different Asia-Pacific markets where the campaign will run.

The campaign includes digital, radio, press, out-of-home and point-of-sale executions.

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