Foxtel warns of 'Manesia' plague

Foxtel warns of 'Manesia' plague

The male species is danger thanks to a “severe plague” of ‘manesia’ brought on by the dribble of female-focused TV programs, according to a new campaign by Foxtel.

The cure can be found on Foxtel’s A&E channel according to the MediaCom created campaign, which marks a shift in the action and entertainment channel’s advertising strategy.

Paul Myers, channel manager factual, said: “Let’s face it many men in Australia are experiencing ‘Manesia’. They’ve forgotten how to be men, they wouldn’t know how to change a tyre or where to find a dipstick and they know more about how to make a souffl√© or who got the latest rose”.

“This campaign helps ‘Manesia’ sufferers understand the symptoms and gives them a cure – a prescription to A&E’s unique adrenaline-pumping real men programming”.

With ‘Manesia’ Foxtel now has a trio of humorous ads out in the market, marking a departure from what was a largely retail focused marketing strategy for the subscription TV service.

The other humorous spots include a remake of the 1980s sporting anthem ‘Up There Cazaly’ for the Fox Footy AFL’s coverage and a new ad to promote Foxtel’s NRL broadcasts.

Both campaigns also launched this year.

‘Manesia’ will target men aged 25 to 39 as the spot promotes A&E’s programming of “real men, doing real things, in the real world”.

Shows on A&E include Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Ice Road Truckers.

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