F-bomb flops for Gecko’s

F-bomb flops for Gecko’s

The controversial F-bomb used in the repositioning of youth travel brand Gecko’s Adventures is to be dropped, with its management team revealing the rebrand has yet to deliver.

In January, Gecko’s unveiled a new look with irreverent imagery, quirky descriptions and the new tagline: “May your heart be light, your step swift and your stories fucking epic”.

But while some embraced the push, others were less impressed with several complaints coming in.

“The F-word won’t be staying,” managing director of the newly formed Intrepid Group, James Thornton, said.

“It was great to draw some attention, but I’m not sure we need to swear to get the point across.”

While the repositioning has delivered a 35% rise in unique visitors to the website, bookings have been largely unaffected, he revealed. He added the F-word could have played a role in the lacklustre performance this year.

“Making a bold statement like that can blow up in your face,” Thornton said. “I’m not saying it wasn’t the right thing to do, but it’s had its purpose and we will be refining that going forwards."

However, he is confident the group will be able to turn things around for the brand over the next year and will be seeking to tweak the messaging as part of that process.

“Strategically, it’s bang on where it needs to be, but it’s not quite there with the tone of voice, distribution and departures.”

As part of the turnaround strategy it will also double the number of itineraries to 140, expanding the number of departures and taking the product globally under the direction of its new Global Industry Sales Manager, Pete Rawley.

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