Even 'youthful digilovers' still trust catalogues

Even 'youthful digilovers' still trust catalogues

The catalogue industry has released its first industry report as it moves to defend its place within the marketing mix.

The inaugural report is an important step for the industry, putting “real data” behind why retailers invest in the medium, according to the Australian Catalogue Association’s (ACA) executive director, Kellie Northwood.

“Catalogues are reaching 18.25 million Australians every week, which is a testament to their effectiveness and popularity,” Northwood said.

“For consumers, the inherent value of catalogues remains the same – they are engaging, tactile and effective. For retailers, catalogues provide the opportunity to communicate both product and brand messages to an undistracted audience.”

Grocery and discount variety stores use catalogues more than other retailers, with the catalogue industry worth $1.5bn, according to ACA.

The Annual Catalogue Industry Report 2012/2013 brings together research from Roy Morgan, AMP Capital’s Shopping Intent Report and a Sydney University study.

Catalogues have more influence on shoppers than television or search engine results, according to the study which referenced the AMP Capital study.

“This is apparent even among young shoppers, with 28% 18-24 year olds and 30% of 24-34 year olds nominating the catalogues as their first preference,” the ACA said.

The medium is also considered more trustworthy than the internet with the exception of “youthful digilovers who view catalogues as equally trustworthy as internet advertising”.

Return on Investment is also high according to the ACA, which here referenced a Sydney Uni study which found for every $1 spent on catalogue advertising $14.70 in sales were generated.

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