Encouraging domestic travel with #WanderAustralia

Encouraging domestic travel with #WanderAustralia

Social media company We Are Social have teamed up with STA travel with the travel company’s latest campaign to encourage young Aussies to travel domestically.

The #WanderAustralia campaign was created to inspire the imagination of the target audience, with images from Aussie instagrammers had a retro makeover and a digital twist.

Referencing the stereoscopic 3D-viewer We Are Social created a digital #WanderAustralia viewer. Users can create their own personalised image ‘reel’ populated with their choice of images from those created by the Instagram influencers, and images from Tourism Australia’s Best Job in the World campaign.

According to Luke Ryan strategist at We Are Social, the social media company developed the campaign based on the insight that “presently, young Australians find the thought of travelling in Australia a little boring and believe a domestic trip will not provide the same level of social currency (social bragging rights) they can get from an overseas holiday.

“Allowing them to take control and personalize their intended Aussie experience will help alter this perception. #WanderAustralia showcases Australia in a way that is representative of their lifestyle and reflects their popular culture via the people that hold influence.”

Natalie Placko-Thornton, STA Travel marketing and eCommerce eirector said:“We’re so pleased with the #WanderAustralia campaign that we’ve produced with We Are Social. The response from our STA Travel community in the first few days has been amazing.

“Our vision was to bring to life the awesome travel experiences that you can find locally in Australia and really show our customers how travelling in Australia should be on the top of their ‘to do’ lists.

“Visualising the diverse (and outstandingly beautiful!) destinations around Australia was all about capturing those lasting memories that our customers could have for themselves, so using the #WanderAustralia ‘reel’ has delivered a perfect effect.  We strongly believe that the campaign is particularly relevant and on trend for many free-spirited Australians right now who are looking for their next exciting adventure – very close to home!”

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