Emotive new work from Quit Victoria

Emotive new work from Quit Victoria

Quit Victoria is out to tug on the heartstrings with a new television ad that takes an emotive approach to curbing Australian smoking rates rather than the gruesome and graphic.

The ‘Last Dance’ TVC is set in a family living room and features a muted colour palette with a slow and soulful rendition of the song Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be, will be).

The ad shows a woman rushing to help her husband get out of a bed before initiating a spontaneous slow dance.

A child watches on as his weak and sickly looking father, who is wearing a breathing tube in his nose, dances with his mother.

As the song finishes on ‘whatever will be, will be’ the voice over interrupts with “what will be doesn’t have to be” before the Quit hotline details are shared.

While ads such as these may be distressing for some, Quit Victoria’s executive director Fiona Sharkie says they are here to stay.

“We do find consistently that any creative campaign that elicits a sense of guilt or a sense of fear is more likely to prompt quitting attempts than an ad that is less graphic or less emotional,” Sharkie previously told B&T.

For more on shock advertising and to hear more from Sharkie see B&T’s video analysis The Brief by clicking here.


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