EMMA data sees growth of Pacific Magazines

EMMA data sees growth of Pacific Magazines

Pacific Magazines see as net reach increase by one percent with over eight million people reading a Pacific title every month, according to new EMMA data.

EMMA’s (enhanced media metrics Australia) newly released figures today reveal that Pacific delivers a 32% share in the annual gross readership of people aged 14 years and over.

Better Homes and Gardens is one of the top two most read magazines with 2.4 million readers flicking through its pages.

“The Better Homes and Gardens brand footprint is growing. Our social media is growing,” Peter Zavecz, who was appointed director of magazines late last year, said.

“Over 1.5 million are watching the TV program, and over 200,000 Australians are visiting our events every year.

“Essentially the Better Homes and Gardens audience has never been so strong – and it will continue to grow.”

With the EMMA data showing a further one percent increase in the overall Australian market, the results highlight that magazines are not yet dead.  

Adding to that is of the top thirty magazines in the country, 80% reported an increase in readership growth.

“The Emma audience results reveal that magazine brands are incredibly strong – the methodology employed by emma allows us to survey and measure the Australian population more thoroughly than before, and the ability to look at other platforms (including digital magazines and websites) altogether is exciting,” Zavecz added.

“Most Australians still prefer their magazine in a printed format but an increasing number of readers also like a digital magazine option – and they’re completely happy to pay for it. Emma allows us to monitor this emerging trend from the start. So emma reveals to us that the future of magazines is optimistic, multi-platform and, most importantly, paid for.”

Pacific Magazines have had a busy year this past 12 months with a management restructure to continue the company’s development, and the revival of its commercial director role.

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