E3: The Acti Game Plan

E3: The Acti Game Plan

B&T has teamed up with Sydney-based agency Rinsed to provide exclusive news, analysis and video from the biggest gaming show on earth, E3 2013.  Simon Micarone, founder and MD of Rinsed, is on the ground in LA at the event a reporting back the big stories for B&T, including exciting new opportunities for content marketers, brand managers and media owners.

Phillip Earl, Activision’s Regional Vice President for Asia Pacific, presides over some of the biggest gaming franchises in the world, with production budgets that rival movie budgets and gross takings in the multiples of the most successful cinematic releases.

So catching up with him at E3 was something of a coup.  

It was clear from talking to him that delivering a great experience is at the heart of all that they do. Whether it is the actual gameplay or the way they market the product, immersing the consumer is paramount.

In Australia, Activision place great importance on a good balance of the marketing mix but more than ever before they are leaning to experiential, PR and social. They’re taking the steps to set up localised social media channels is a clear sign that it is a priority moving into the future.

The best example of was not a product demonstration, but something they created, ‘Show Theatre’. A spectacular 4D experience that delighted the fans of their various  franchises (Call of Duty, Skylanders, Destiny and Diablo)

Creating is the part marketers have control over. If you create with the best possible outcome for the consumer then chances are you will succeed.

As marketers what we need to do is harness fan enthusiasm created from a great brand experience and enrolling them in the brand’s purpose.

Rewarding fans and encouraging them to be active makes the critical the difference. I don’t believe that all comment must be positive, but fair and unbiased opinion ensures credibility and curiosity from observers.

Asking fans for feedback and suggestions not only gets them engaged but gives them a say in the outcome of the execution. What can be more powerful than that?

Awareness and creating compelling world of mouth are two of the most important elements to marketing. And whether the audience is young or old, core or social Activision back their vision to invest in best practice experiential. 

Simon Micarone is founder and MD of Sydney-based experiential, PR, and social media agency, Rinsed.  

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