E3: Could Xbox be the One for brands?

E3: Could Xbox be the One for brands?

Simon Micarone, founder and MD of Rinsed, is on the ground in LA at the event and will be reporting back the big stories for B&T, including exciting new opportunities for content marketers, brand managers and media owners.


Speaking to the head of marketing for Xbox Australia it’s clear that Xbox One is not a ‘today device’ and probably hasn’t got the kudos it deserves at E3.

Where Xbox One will really going to come into its own is over the next couple of years when users, brands and developers can really harness the power of the device. This console will definitely have a long lifecycle. Xbox 360 launched in 2006 in Australia and I have my suspicions this console will be around for just as long.

One exciting innovative facet is the new generation of Kinect Sensor. It starts with a totally personalised experience. No longer do you have one account for the whole house, but Kinect will recognise who is using the console and what their settings are as soon as you step into the field of view.

The next innovation is the artificial intelligence (AI) system. Xbox One will collate all your viewing data, including advertisements and TV shows, movies, web browsing and social media. It takes all this information and brings it together to learn as you go. So it has the most relevant and up-to-date information on what users like and dislike.

Most interesting is the Xbox One has an expressions-based system where it can recognises whether you are happy, sad or even scared. Based on factors such as blood flow of your face, heart rate, heat mapping and facial expressions, it can gauge how you are reacting to content. So start combining all the AI learning and how you are reacting to content, and this innovation is mind blowing.

For example, I might be watching Seinfeld and laughing out loud. The Xbox One will recognise this and suggest another comedy to watch because I’m laughing at Seinfeld.

If you fall asleep during a movie, Xbox One will recognise this and stop the movie until you wake up and want to resume.

Simon Micarone is founder and MD of Sydney-based experiential, PR, and social media agency, Rinsed.  


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