Fitzy and Wippa get inventive with sanger-hurling

Fitzy and Wippa get inventive with sanger-hurling

NovaFM’s breakfast duo Fitzy and Wippa have invented a new game called ‘Dodgy Sanger’ inspired by the trend of people hurling sandwiches at prime minister Julia Gillard.

The game is essentially dodge ball, with sandwiches instead of balls. Hence the name ‘dodgy’ sanger.

Highlights include Wippa charging at the sandwich and trying to get it all in his mouth, Wippa eating sandwich while he’s meant to be throwing and Fitzy’s dancing and ham catch.

The prime minister was the victim of sandwich abuse while on a visit to Lyneham High School yesterday when a teenager lobbed a white-bread salami concotion at her.

The incident is the second of its kind this month. The initial attack saw a Queensland teenager from Marsden State High School throw a sandwich at Gillard while she was visiting his school earlier in May.

To watch the game in action, click here.

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