Ditch TV ads for online, newspapers told

Ditch TV ads for online, newspapers told

Online TV advertising could turn the fortunes of flailing news outlets around, according to new research which found viewers accept up to three minutes of advertising per hour online.

Instead of asking consumers to pay for their content, news publishers should be investing in online TV advertising according to Murdoch University Audience Lab researcher, Dr Steve Bellman.

 “The paywall experiment has been tried in the industry before, here and abroad, and hasn’t worked.

“Unless you’re the Wall Street Journal, which has exclusive content valued by business, you’re better off looking at a new approach.

“With broadband, newspaper content online is looking more and more like TV, perhaps it’s time for outlets to test the waters of showing TV ads that interrupt online content.”

Dr Bellmen said if it works for YouTube then “there’s no reason to think newspapers would be different”.

Instead of splashing cashing on a 30-second spot in traditional TV’s cluttered ad breaks, the online environment provides higher product recall.

While viewers tolerate TV’s 18 minutes of advertising per hour they would not online where ten 30-second ads per hour are “significantly intrusive”, the Getting the Balance Right study found.

Getting the Balance Right research involved Murdoch University, RMIT University and The Disney Media and Advertising Lab in Texas.

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