Digital bites: List of top food blogs extends to Melbourne

Digital bites: List of top food blogs extends to Melbourne

A popular food blogger’s mission to bring more transparency into the blogosphere for marketers and PR agencies has continued, with the list of top local food blogs extended to include Melbourne.

The new roll call comes six months after Thang Ngo, publisher of video food blog noodlies, first launched the Sydney-centric list.

With the addition of Melbourne’s top foodie bloggers the list has swelled from 333 blogs to 595, “the most ever ranked in Australia” according to Ngo.

“There are some 2,000 registered food blogs and review sites in Australia but very little data to make sense of the bewildering choice faced by brands, PR and advertising agencies,” Ngo said.

 “From today, advertisers, marketers and agencies won’t have to rely on subjectivity and word-of-mouth when assessing which food blogs to engage with.”

The blogs are ranked based on estimated internet traffic using data from Amazon subsidiary, Alexa.

“It’s an Australian first. The first time this number of food blogs have been ranked using the most accurate internet traffic ranking system in the world,” Ngo added.

The healthy rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne extends into which city has the best eats, a discussion which is sure to be reignited by this list. Only two-Melbourne based blogs, Food Rehab: the tastebud diaries and Gourmet Chick, made it into the top 30.

Just 21 Melbourne food blogs made the top 100. Click here to see the full list of blogs.

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