Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Every week Naked Communications' strategist Lach Hall scours the web for all things digital, quirky and innovative and presents it in bite-sized chunks for Digital Degustation.

How Fast is the NBN?

In a move that has no doubt delighted the Australian Labor Party, a 28 year old Brisbane developer who was unimpressed with the Liberal NBN policy has created The site brilliantly shows how each party’s NBN proposals will affect every day Australians by showing the vastly different download speeds people can expect from common internet usage like “uploading wedding photos to Facebook” or “downloading a HD TV episode from iTunes”. Interestingly enough the site’s creator is liberal.

Digital Mask Helps You Control Your Dreams

Lucid dreaming is when you become conscious during your dreams enabling you to take control and do all sorts of impossible things like flying. Usually it takes practice to be able to recognise and respond when you are dreaming, but a new digital mask aims to make this easier. Called the ‘Remee’, the mask recognises when you enter REM sleep and flashes red lights that form visual anomalies in your dream to help you realise you’re dreaming so you can take control of the narrative. Very cool.

Huggies Concept Alerts Mothers When Their Baby Pees

This week’ PR led ‘innovation’ stunt is from Huggies in Brasil with their ‘TweetPee’ concept. The TweetPee is a humidity sensing device that clips on to a baby’s nappy and synchs with a smartphone app. Whenever the nappy gets a little ‘humid’ the TweetPee alerts the mother by a Tweet and makes a note in the app, which helps keep track of nappies you have left.

Site Lets You Create a Legally Binding Gift For Mothers Day

Recognising that mums would prefer their kids to listen to them over flowers and chocolate for Mother’s Day, ad agency Mother in New York has developed the ‘Momtract’ – a site that provides “Americas premier legally binding gift.” Add your name and your mother's name to the contract, then create or choose from a list of pledges like “stop being a drunk” and the site will create an extremely detailed (yet humorous) legally binding contract between the two of you ready for your signatures.

App Provides Audio for TV’s In Noisy Sports Bars

If you’re watching the footy in a bar, chances are you either can’t hear the audio due to the bar noise or the volume has been muted as a courtesy to other patrons. A new app called ‘Audioair’ has been created to solve this problem. The app allows patrons to tune in to the audio of the game at participating venues on their smartphone and also allows the venue and advertisers to push second screen content and promotions to the viewers.


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