Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Giving Kids Even More Reason To Get Their Hands Dirty

Interface design and interaction takes another leap forward thanks to ‘DIRTI’, an application designed to allow interaction through a range of unusual mediums including, of all things, tapioca. DIRTI is a physical interface for iOS that uses any semi-transparent material that you can mould, such as tapioca pearls, ice cream, water and plastic granules, to control content ranging from visual controls to soundscapes on a connected iPad.

Connecting Your TV Just Got Easier

In Australia 35% of users now use Google Chrome making it the number 1 browser.  That’s why the ‘Chomrecast’ dongle will probably be a pretty big deal. It’s a USB add-on that essentially allows you to tap the power of your connected devices; channeling utility and entertainment to your big screen. The Chrome store and services will give services like Apple TV and Roku a run for their money, and at $35, it’s a good deal.

A Purist Experience For Wordsmiths

Designed for those who are looking for a more tailored tool for writing, the ‘OmmWriter’ offers a Zen like user experience.  The tool is minimal to the extreme, offering a range of hues to type over, a selection of wordy fonts and a suite of accompanying sounds including the clickety-clack of a typewriter and ambient background soundscapes. Check it out here.

An App That Analyses The Performance Of Your Kicks

The latest technological development that enables athletes to better understand their performance on and off the pitch is adidas ‘SnapShot’. The app allows players to understand the attributes of their kicks including stats on velocity, angle and time of flight.  Users of the app are encouraged to share their performance with other players making for an interesting competitive context.

A £250,000 Hamburger Made From Synthesized Meat

In a world first, lucky attendees to a London restaurant this week will be the first to taste meat made entirely in a lab from cow stem cells.  Oddly the meat will be made into a patty and enjoyed in a hamburger style.  The reported cost of the burger is £250,000 – we guess that makes it more newsworthy. Find out more here.

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