Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

One Hot Malm(a)

Are you a marketer struggling to find a new way to market your mass produced bedroom suite? Then perhaps you can find some inspiration from ‘Hot Malm’, a mock adult website bringing you the hottest Malm action on the web. Billed as ‘the best IKEA themed porn parody site on the internet’, this website features an array of splendid, safe for work sexual innuendoes and images centered around an IKEA bed called the ‘Malm’.

3 Word Combinations Unlock All Earthly Locations

‘What 3 Words’ is a web service seeking to redefine the way we think about physical addresses. By allocating a unique 3 word combination to every location on the planet down to a 2-meter area, businesses and consumers are now more easily and accurately able to communicate locations with one another.  So if you’re meeting a mate for coffee at Top Paddock in Melbourne you could share the caf√© code: ‘magma.swing.shut’. This could take some getting used to.

SoundCloud Smarts

A new internet provider in the UK has been working hard to gain attention, employing all manners of creative thinking to bring its brand Fogg into the limelight.  One idea involved the creation of a SoundCloud track where the accompanying sound wave reflects the London skyline. The music won’t be for everyone, but it’s a clever little idea. Check it out here.

SmartPhone App Insights

Insights about the smartphone app market have been notoriously hard to get hold of.  ‘’, however, makes it easy to explore which apps are performing and provides stats on downloads and comparisons across platforms.  For example, did you know that in May 2013 32 million iPhone apps were downloaded compared to 51.7 million Android apps, but only 16% of iPhone apps were paid for versus 0.4% of Android apps?

Ghostly Crowds Cheering On Teams from Home

It’s hard to imagine watching live sport without the noise and atmosphere generated by the crowds. So what happens when the government bans fans from attending matches due to safety?  Well that’s what happened in Tunisia, so Ogilvy developed an app called the ‘12th Man’ to let fans get in the action and support their team from afar. Whilst fans watch the game on TV they can hit a button on the app and it remotely triggers giant speakers in the empty stadium to blast out encouraging cheering noises. The more people who press the button the louder the sounds get. Check it out here.

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