Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Vending Machines Are Big In Japan

The Japanese are famous for their vending machines. Practically any item you could ever need is made available in conveniently located boxes that are littered throughout the country, everywhere from car parks to hotel lobbies.  So it’s really no surprise that Haneda Airport in Tokyo installed a 24 hour dine-in gourmet restaurant vending machine.  Yep, dine-in.

Human Powered Torch

You could be forgiven for never considering yourself as a living breathing battery. But these limitations clearly don’t play into the thinking of 15 year old inventors. That’s how Ann Makosinski from Canada created a torch that is powered using thermodynamic energy (heat) generated by the human hand. Her idea is pretty clever and has been recognised as part of Googles Science Fair.

A Camera That Captures Smells

Based on technology pioneered by the perfume industry, ‘Smell Camera’ is a device that is able to extract, decipher and then store smells. By recording a smells signature at the molecular level the potential exists to replicate the odor and potentially down the track broadcast it to something like this smartphone add-on.  It’s not hard to imagine the possibilities this tech opens up for restaurants, food producers, and even hoteliers looking to peddle their fresh air escapes. Check it out here

Spy Proof Fonts

Seeking to protect private data from the likes of Big Brother or perhaps more practically the NSA? South Korean designer Sang Mun has designed a series of fonts called ‘ZZX’ that essentially disguise your copy. The theory is that the new fonts will confuse optical character recognition devices and programs used by governments and other undesirable covert online operators.  The font package is already available for download and comes in six styles: bold, camo, false, noise, sans, XED.

Your Email Data Visualised

‘Immersion’, a curious project from the MIT Media Labs, is web app that allows the viewer to visualise, delve into and query their own GMAIL meta-data.  The data allows you to explore who you have emailed, how many emails you’ve sent and who your strongest interactions are between. Looking at your email in this way, from a macro and consumer centric point of view, is far more fascinating because you can see the changing nature of your social connections over the lifetime of your account.

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