Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Every week Naked Communications' Andrew Reeves scours the web for all things digital, quirky and innovative and presents it in bite-sized portions.

Interactive Poster Creates Sound When Touched

Collisions between analogue and digital formats are increasingly being tinkered with and ‘Sound Poster 1.0’ is one of the latest examples. The poster, which features conductive paint, makes sounds when touched.  In the prototype the viewer can move their hand over different shapes and textures to create different sounds.  Imagine a gallery in the not too distant future where the paintings no longer have red ropes and instead audiences are invited to poke and prod the art.

Canadian Passport Opens Up Beer Fridges

In order to promote Canada’s nationally recognised beer to Europeans, Molson hatched a plan to place a ‘smart’ fridge in their midst.  The twist: the only way to open the fridge is by scanning a valid Canadian Passport.  Euro-Canadian diplomacy never felt so strong.  Check it out here

The WWF Arms an Ant Rally

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) took their plight to raise awareness and funds for the protection of Amazon rainforests to the masses by enlisting the help of some ants.  By cleverly laser cutting little protest signs and placards, they got 5,000 of the hardest working inhabitants of the forest to stage a five-day ongoing protest against deforestation and wildlife destruction and successfully campaign for donations. Captivating ant-vertising. See it here

Out-sourced A&R

Surged.FM’ is a new Beta release site that is looking to hand over part of the talent scouting responsibility of A&R departments in record labels and music publishing companies to a community.  Artists sign-up to the platform, which is a supported by major music labels Sony, Universal and Interscope, and the community vote for their favourites.  With so much music being created it’s often hard for artists to break through the noise, so perhaps this model, which brings artists into the view of big labels, will provide the valuable notoriety needed.

Forget the False Bottom Rock, Your Spare is Now in the Cloud

Technology has put the worlds’ libraries and centuries of information at our fingertips, but we are still undone by the simplest of human errors, like locking ourselves out. ‘KeyMe’ is a New York based business that allows you to store a digital copy of your keys in the cloud, so when that unfortunate time comes you just visit a KeyMe kiosk to have your key made.  KeyMe means you will never have to make an embarrassing attempt to break into your home or office again.

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