Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Every week Naked Communications' Andrew Reeves scours the web for all things digital, quirky and innovative and presents it in bite-sized portions.

Avoid Dangerous Pill Popping

Australian pharmacies dished out some 194.9 million prescriptions in 2012 and, rather gruesomely, an estimated 1 in 130 deaths are attributed to consumption of incorrect medication. One of the biggest contributing factors to these deaths is the wrong identification of pills, but now thanks to ‘ID My Pill’ that could all be in the past. The app cleverly identifies prescription pills providing important pharmaceutical information, including the name of the pill, manufacturer, and potential risks. Your smartphone is now a potential lifesaver.

Long Distance Relationships Never Felt So Good

If you’re looking for a slightly more tactile way to connect with a significant other, then look no further because ‘Tactilu’ has arrived. Tactilu is a wearable bracelet that is able to both sense and simulate touch.  Using sensors, an Arduino chip and a smartphone to transmit data, the bracelet captures, transfers and then somewhat creepily simulates touch on the receivers own bracelet device. Check out here

Play With Your Pet From Afar

There are estimated to be about six million dogs and cats in Australia and many of these pets are left alone most of the time, to their distress, whilst their owners work or run errands. Aiming to bridge the divide between pet and owner ‘Petcube’ is a home gadget that allows you to watch, talk and play with your pet using your smartphone. LOL’s and cute videos will no doubt follow.

Computer Able to Read Emotion

Until now, scientists couldn’t identify people’s emotions without relying on people’s ability to self-report. Now a team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a method to accurately track emotion. Using an fMRI machine, similar to an MRI machine, they measured the brain signals of actors as they reacted to emotional stimulus and used machine learning to identify the patterns and develop a computer model. Check it out by clicking here

The Smartest Kitchen Scales on the Block

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