Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Every week Naked Communications' Andrew Reeves scours the web for all things digital, quirky and innovative and presents it in bite-sized portions.

The Pirate Cinema

Often it’s ‘the artists’ who force us to look at things in a new light.  This art installation discovered on PSFK called the ‘Pirate Cinema’ captures and screens a cacophony of clips from the top 100 torrented files being downloaded from peer to peer site Pirate Bay. The result is a surreal jittery mash-up of film, pornography, TV, music videos and more. Beyond its audiovisual impact, this piece succeeds in engaging the viewer about the dark digital economy. See it here

Know Your Gravewave Form Your Speedcore?

‘Every Noise At Once’ is an algorithmically-generated map of the musical genre-space and a very handy reference guide. The analysis dimensionalises the musical genres by arranging the data on two axes: Organic to Mechanical runs vertically and sonic density Spiky to Bouncy runs on the horizontal. Each genre tag plays an example song and you can click on the tags to travel deeper and explore artists typical of the genre. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of musical composition. Click here to view

The App For Everything

‘Everythig.Me’ is a very clever application designed for Android smartphones that claims to dynamically adapt the user’s phone to modes and contexts related to their searches and actions. For example if you search ‘007’ the phone will change its wallpaper and fire up apps for IMBD, Rotten Tomatoes and other film related applications without the user necessarily having to downloaded the app themselves.  As mobile layers like this demonstrate, our devices are most interesting when they can deliver value based on the users time, place and activity.

Buy a Second – Make a Difference

This initiative from Interval House aims to raise funds to protect Women and Children from abuse in Canada.  Unlike other digital drives for this issue , ‘Buy a Second’ leverages the insight “a woman in Canada is abused every second” to bring urgency to the experience.  A personal dimension is also added via Facebook, which pulls in images of your female friends and asks the viewer ‘what if they were being abused?’

Print In 3D Using Your Mind

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