Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Beers From Above

Flying drones have attracted a pretty negative rap mainly due to their application by the military, but like their fictional brethren – the Transformers – they aren’t all bad.  Thanks to a clever application of digital technologies developed by Darkwing Aerials, revellers at South Africa’s OppiKoppi festival in August will be able to use their smartphones to order a free Winhoek beer via a drone. The drone, which can hold individual cans of beer, will locate the user and then parachute a beer right down to where it’s needed.  Now they have the bar queue problem fixed, let’s see what they do about the loos.

I Hear What You’re Seeing

Neil Harbisson is an amazing artist, cyborg, and colourologist.  Neil was born colour blind and has spent his life determined to explore his relationship to colour in the world.  Years on, Neil has augmented his person with technology that allows him to perceive colour by interpreting soundwaves, with a different sound representing each tone. Remarkably Neil did not stop at colours in the visible spectrum; he can also ‘see’ infrared and ultraviolet.  As a Cyborg activist he speaks freely about his experience and has also recently created some incredible, thought-provoking art. Click here to see learn more

Remember When We Did That Thing…

The modern age is good for many things. TVs can record MKR when you’re not at home and smartphones can send a message to your coffee date when you’re running late.  However, amidst all this convenience, our memories are slowly degenerating, or so some think. That’s why ‘TimeHop’ is here to help. It’s an app that allows you to jump back in time to an event, photo, Facebook post or text message you shared with a mate. It’s a time machine for your digital memories that you can enjoy over a beer.

Smart Dive Masks

Google Glass is making headlines all over terra firma and now ‘Smart Swimming Goggles’ are doing the same underwater. The smart set of dive goggles fuses some pretty handy safety technology with augmented reality features, providing divers with a better communication display. Using the goggles divers will be able to read their oxygen levels, communicate with other divers, take photos and identify underwater species and foes like – oh sh*t – sharks. 

Stupidly Expensive Video Game for Sale

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