Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

“Geography of Hate” Maps the Origins of Hateful Tweets

A team of researchers from California’s Humboldt State University have mapped out the US cities that engage in the most hateful and bigoted speech on Twitter. Called the ‘Geography of Hate’, the site shows a visual representation of over 150,000  homophobic, racist and anti-disability Tweets,  forming a heat map based on which region they derive.

Agency Promotes Themselves via Nesting Falcons

When a couple of rare Peregrine Falcons made their nest on the roof of ad agency Campbell Ewald in Michigan last week, little did they know that they and their three eggs were about to become internet stars. Seizing the opportunity for a little PR, the agency setup a live webcam and Tumblr called CEFalcon – One Roof, Two Falcons, Three Eggs. The site initially documented the incubation and birth of the Falcon chicks and now is focusing on their rearing. Check it out here

Could you Guess a Random Streetview Location?

A new website that uses Google Maps Streetview to form a guessing game might be this week’s most addictive website. Called ‘GeoGuessr’, the website drops you in a random Streetview location and asks you to look at the surroundings to work out where you are. Points are awarded based on time and proximity to the actual location. It’s hours of time-wasting fun.  Check it out here

Shopping Cart Mounted Tablet Suggests Recipes Based on Ingredient Proximity

Last year, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise in Brazil printed mayonnaise specific recipes on shopping dockets based on what was in the shopper’s basket. Recently they’ve trialled a similar idea on the shopping cart itself.  Enabled by NFC technology, the ‘Hellmann’s Recipe Cart’ provides recipe ideas on a screen located on the cart handle based on what ingredients shoppers walk past. Just like last time, all the recipes include Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

“Smart PJs” Contain Bed Time Stories

In an effort to help parents get kids off to bed, QR codes can now be found in pyjamas.  Called ‘Smart PJs’, the pyjamas contain multiple QR code-like symbols each representing a new story. Scan the code on a synched app and parents and children can enjoy a new story together each night. Take a look here

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