Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Find Out How Rich You Really Are

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of The Times Rich List, UK agency Poke has released an updated version of Enter your salary into the site and you’ll be shown an infographic of where you rank against the rest of the world's population. If you continue to scroll down, your wage is then compared to the wage of less fortunate workers before you are prompted to donate to Care. Even if you play around with salaries you’ll be surprised.

Get an STD Check-up Anonymously Via Your Smartphone

With the launch of the smartphone app STD Triage, STD check-ups just got a little less awkward in Sweden. The app, created by dermatological company iDoc24 in time for Sweden’s STD Awareness Month, allows users to submit anonymous photos and descriptions of symptoms they believe could be sexually transmitted diseases to receive professional advice within 24 hours.

Incredible Contraption Puts Your Tweets Through the 24hr News Cycle

COLORS magazine has created a machine that mimics the modern 24hr news cycle to draw attention to the inaccuracy in the news. Tweet to @colorsmachine and your Tweet will go through a number of different media filters, including a megaphone, tape recorder, monitor, and video recorder. After passing through each medium via audio and visual recognition software, the tweet is then sent back to you a little distorted, like a game of Chinese Whispers. Give it a try.

Budweiser Creates a Glass that Adds Facebook Friends You Meet at Bars

Ever wondered how long you should wait until you add a person you just met at a bar to Facebook? With a new concept called the ‘Buddy Cup’, Budweiser in Brazil think it should be as soon as you ‘clink’ glasses.  Designed for use at Budweiser sponsored events, the Buddy Cup synchs to your Facebook profile and automatically adds people whenever you clink their glass.

VW Create World’s Fastest Youtube Ad

Most people can’t wait to skip YouTube pre-roll ads. VW in Spain has taken this insight and created a pre-roll ad that’s too fast for you to skip. The ad for the sporty Golf GTi runs for about 1 second before reverting back to the video you were planning on watching. Whilst watching your planned video a banner overlay then appears asking you if the pre-roll ad was “too fast?”  Upon clicking it, it directs you to a website for more information on the vehicle.

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