Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Every week Naked Communications' strategist Lach Hall scours the web for all things digital, quirky and innovative and presents it in bite-sized chunks for Digital Degustation.


Video Clip Made By Viewers Mouse Movements

Dutch band Light Light has created what might be the coolest, interactive, crowd-sourced video clip yet for their song ‘Do Not Touch’. The music video asks viewers to follow the animations on screen using their cursors, getting them to answer questions such as “where are you from” by pointing on a map. The site records each cursor movement during the clip and then adds it to the video. Every 30 minutes the video is refreshed with new cursor movements added to form an ever-changing, amazing visual effect.


Icelandic App Helps Prevent Accidental Incest

With a population of only 320,000 people in Iceland, there’s a good chance that two Icelanders who begin dating could be related. Luckily three developers have created an app to help Icelanders check how closely they’re related before things get too serious, encouraging them to “bump phones before you bump into bed”. To gather the information the app searches ‘√çslendingab√≥k’, an existing online project that traces the genealogy of all Icelandic people going back 1,200 years.  


LG Puts Urinal Stage Fright to the Test in New Video

As the story goes, guys can get ‘stage fright’ if somebody’s watching them take a leak. In a follow up to their ‘so real it’s scary’ elevator floor collapsing campaign, LG have put this to the test.  LG screens were placed at eye level in front of urinals and as guys were just settling in they were ambushed by what appears to be people watching them. According to the video that’s already clocked up millions of views, the average stage fright delay was 16 seconds.



Delta Airlines Photon Showers

Thanks to the ‘Photon Shower’ jet lag may be a thing of the past. The new innovation from Delta Airlines, agency Weiden Kennedy and sleep therapist Dr Russell Foster appeared at the TED2013 conference and reportedly minimises jet lag symptoms. Users step into the machine, input their travel data and have their body clock ‘reset’ by a series of intense blue lights.


MLC Ask Users to Determine Their “Money Age”

Have you ever wondered how your financial position stacks up? Australian financial advisors MLC Advice have developed a simple and engaging web app to determine this. Called ‘Money Age’, the app asks you a series of questions regarding income, savings, debt and investments to determine what stage you are at in your financial development, providing you with a glimpse of your real money age.

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