Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

In-store Body Scanner Makes Clothes Shopping Easier

With Bloomingdale’s installation of ‘Me-Ality’ body scanning stations, clothes shopping in the US just got a little easier. Fitted in five stores, the stations scan your body then email and print you out a chart of all your optimal sizes across participating brands in the store.

Walmart Concept Sees Public Make Online Deliveries

Would you take someone else’s groceries home in exchange for a discount of your own? This may soon become a reality with a new concept Walmart are looking into. Similar to Australian startup ‘MeeMeep’, where anyone can become a courier, Walmart will allow customers to sign up to deliver online shoppers goods in exchange for a discount on their own purchases.

Hyperlapse Lets You Create Video from Google Streetview

Budget filmmakers around the world are rejoicing with the creation of ‘Hyperlapse’, a new web app from Teehan+Lax Labs that allows people to make video from Google Streetview. The app allows you to pick any two points on Google Maps and stitch together the corresponding Streetview images (almost 360degrees) to create impressive moving images.

A Taxi that Saves You Money Each Time it Brakes

It’s not often that you’ll see a taxi meter go anywhere but up. However, in a move to demonstrate the cost saving advantages of their new brake energy recovery technology, Spanish car maker SEAT has created a taxi meter that drops the fare when the taxi brakes. A video has since been released, documenting the confusion then delight of the taxi’s passengers.

Girl Guides Introduce a Cookie Locating App

No longer (in the US at least) do the public have to wait blindly for a knock at the door for their next Girl Guide cookie fix. A new app from the organisation called the ‘Cookie Locator’ allows sellers to show their location on a map so people know where their nearest cookie booth is.

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