Curash's 'Mum's Playground'

Curash's 'Mum's Playground'

We Are Social has created a socially integrated mobile app, ‘Mum’s Playground’ bor baby skincare company, Curash.

The location-based app is designed to help women who are new to motherhood make the transition, allowing them to connect with other mothers, share their experiences, create mother’s groups and more.

It also features a baby-friendly location rating system, from cafes with the best parents’ rooms to the best breast-feeding spots.

David Fairfull, managing partner, We Are Social, said: “We believe it is crucial that brands deliver resources and utility with social value, serving the customer’s needs as well as the brand’s objectives. Mum’s Playground delivers on both. Firstly, it delivers a service that has real meaning to Curash’s customers at a time of great change in their lives.

“Secondly, it is important that brands build a cohesive social, digital and mobile ecosystem that, where possible, includes owned channels. Many brands build an audience by relying on channels they can’t control, making them vulnerable to external changes over time. With Mum’s Playground we have mitigated that risk by creating an additional, mutually beneficial communication channel between Curash and their customers.”

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