Creative Focus: Raise a glass

Creative Focus: Raise a glass

Every week two creative types from different agencies put pen to paper and share their thoughts on six different campaigns.


Up for review this week:

  • Big W, 'Eric gets wowed', by Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Fanta, 'Fanta Flavour Lab', Ogilvy
  • MasterCard, 'All Blacks promotion', McCann
  • Nestle, 'Toddler Talk', McCann Health
  • Kellogg's Crunch Nut, 'This is not your seat', JWT Sydney
  • Heineken, 'Road to the Final', Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam


Jonas Allen, creative partner, Bondi Advertising

Allen and the agency's planning partner Steve Muller sat down at the South Bondi Grassy Knoll to conduct this Q&A.

Big W (01). S: First up Big W featuring Eric Stonestreet. What do you make of this?

J: I'm a big fan of Modern Family so it gets my attention. I don't think I've ever been to Big W though, or is it Kmart?

S: Hipster issues…

J: The ad made me smile and feel warm. It hasn't changed my perception of Big W though.

S: Do you think it will work with their audience?

J: I think it will work for families with kids. I'm not sure how modern that is.

Fanta (02). S: Remember the Fanta spot?

J: Yes. The whole thing felt extremely artificial, re-enforcing my concerns regarding soft drinks. 

S: Do you think kids will relate to it? 

J: Maybe. But I don't think the characters are fully evolved or have enough life behind them to cut through what is a very cluttered entertainment marketplace. Not sure about this one.

Mastercard (03). S: This one's an extension of that spot about the All Blacks fan Tim. Pretty popular.

J: Yes, and a great example of leveraging a sponsorship property in a TV campaign in an interesting way. This latest execution is really nicely tied-up with the rugby players showing up at his wedding.

S: What about the Pay Pass message?

J: That service seems to be widely available so the strength of this spot for me is the tie-up with the sponsorship property. They've made that likeable, almost cool, which is so often missed.

Nestle NAN (04). S: OK so now for the baby ad…

J: What were they selling?

S: Nestle Formula.

J: OK, yes, it is a well trodden path to use babies but in this case it is relevant and definitely made me smile. 

S: Who do you think will like this ad?

J: Any mother of a newborn would immediately respond to this. Maybe the rest of the family too but definitely new mums.

Crunchy Nut (05). S: Breakfast cereals… have you eaten Crunchy Nut?

J: Actually I have. The previous ads have worked on me. They are consistently good at using appetising food shots. The exaggerated desire for the product is fun, they've been consistent and this latest execution keeps it alive.

S: Any other comments?

J: I'd expect this will be effective for people familiar with the campaign. If you haven't seen previous executions I wonder whether the outcome would be as strong.

Heineken (06). S: A Heineken international ad. What do you think?

J: I should ask you! 

S: OK, well, it is about as James Bond as you get. International appeal.

J: Such a huge ad. Lots of fun. First rate production values.

S: What do you think it does for Heineken?

J: It certainly puts it ahead as the most international beer around. If they were trying to make Heineken the blockbuster of beers then I think they've achieved that.



Paul Swann, creative partner, The Works

Attention spans are at an all-time low, consumers are less focused when consuming our communications, that's the message we are hearing. In light of this fact I won't over analyse these campaigns, the following is more of a stream of consciousness.

Big W (01). Who's that guy? I know him from somewhere, he's American, I think he's on a TV show, not sure which one? I don't care because I quite like him, he's talking about value and variety and he's doing it in an entertaining way. 

That track is in my head now and probably will be for the rest of the day. I should watch it once more. I don't mind doing that.

Fanta (02). Colourful animation set in a lab, it looks sweet, a bit too sweet for me. 

It mentions the names of various fruits but everything else is saying artificial. The characters are mixing the flavours and I think they are inviting me to do the same. Mixing flavours doesn't interest me but it might interest some, I think. At least it's more than just an ad. Fanta is colourful.

Mastercard (03). It starts with a Kiwi actor. This normally mean one of three things; Tourism New Zealand, Air New Zealand or something to do with the All Blacks. Great, it's the All Blacks. 

But then I start to panic, they're elite athletes not actors, please don't try and make them act, it doesn't, well done. 

It's amusing, particularly Richie Mccaw. So, I can win a place on their tour, I feel like I've heard that before but reckon my chances would be slim. Don't think I'll enter.

Nestle NAN (04). Translating what babies are saying, not the first time I've seen this construct however it's quite funny. 

But hang on a minute, wow they've developed technology that can actually translate baby talk, now that's impressive. 

Hang on another minute, no they haven't it's just an app that puts supers over footage of babies that consumers submit. Maybe mums will like it anyway. I'll check out the YouTube channel and see some submissions. Only one has been posted.

Crunchy Nut (05). We open on the first class cabin, luxury travel, my attention is piqued. A bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes used to deploy the Jedi mind trick, nice. But it's a risky one, there is extreme hyperbole at play here and the performances could easily kill it, but no it's good. 

It's a great product and the ads are always well made so why haven't I eaten Crunchy Nut Cornflakes in ages? That's right my misses has got me on muesli.

Heineken (06). This looks very expensive, Hollywood production values. 

The epic journey of a man to the European football finals, blimey this is beautifully art directed, must look up who directed it. 

But back to the ad, will our hero make it to the match? To really care I need to feel like he might not, but for some reason I don't ever get that feeling. Maybe there is a twist. Nope no twist. Heineken is a big brand.

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