Creative Focus: Food for thought

Creative Focus: Food for thought

Every week two creative types from different agencies put pen to paper and share their thoughts on six different campaigns.

Up for review this week:

  • Bingle, GHO
  • MLA, 'Nothing beats beef – its how we keep warm', BMF
  • Tourism Western Australia, '1001 Extraordinary Experiences', Host Sydney
  • White Ribbon Night, Archibald/Williams
  • MAGGI, Publicis  Mojo
  • Trade Me, 'Opportunities Galore' JWT New Zealand

Mike Bollen, partner and creative director, Helsinki Agency

I’m bach-ing for a couple of weeks, so it’s just me, the dogs, two fish, and my culinary parachute – Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals.

And as it’s impossible to make a Jamie O lasagne for one, my brother -in-law, Grenvil, came over to help me finish it off. Grenny, an experienced new car salesman, salt-of-the-earth type, a real Aussie bloke. Frequently your target market – tonight, my patsy.

Bingle (01). G: “A bit silly – it’s car insurance. I got the one with the wasp, but not sure about this one. I might remember it. Doesn’t mean I like it.”

M: “Mate, it’s meant to look B-grade – fakey stop-motion, pixellated modelling. They’re trying to be memorable. But I grant you, that’s a whole lot of fake for a brand with a truthfully different story.”

White Ribbon (02). G: “Unbelievable figures, I had no idea it was that bad. And not too heavy handed with the emotional blackmail bit. Though a ‘fun night in’ seems a bit at odds with the subject.”

M: “The info-graphic style animation works well with a sensitive subject. It grabs me until it starts talking about ways to party. Just not sure about the actual ‘fun bit’. Hope it works a treat though, and proves me a wanker and you a heartless sod.”

MLA (03). G: “Mate, it’s a clothing ad and then it’s, ‘BTW have some beef’. And WTF is Tim Shaw doing there? Misses the mark. Trying too hard.”

M: “Really? All those quirky Aussies who know it’s cold in winter. It’s un-Australian not to like this. Mind you, that beef stew shot left me cold. And the clever URL goes to a bog standard recipe site. You could be right Gren, but stop talking in text speak.”

Maggi (04). G: “Well that was underwhelming. Why so much emphasis on the three? And why is ‘odd man out’ the only thing in focus at the end? Is that creative or something?”

M: “That’s the idea mate – two into three won’t go. It’s well acted. It shows the delicious Maggi meal. And you definitely get the idea it’s only for two. Though they could have ramped up the funny.”

Tourism WA (05). G: “Wow, that looks fantastic. How do I work it? Stop there! No, there! Now what? Geez, I don’t think it’s for me, I’m too old for this shit.”

M: “It’s easy – just stop it where you can. Track back to the whale. Now click ‘Discover More’. No, the other one.  Damn, that’s the South West page.”

An inspiring place, a clever way to get ‘free’ content, and a great edit job on the movie. Maybe a touch too much. Or maybe Gren and I are too old. 

Click here to see the film.

Trade Me (06). G: “No idea what it is but I like it. I think it means I can get any job I like. Nice.”

M: “Typically great NZ production values, and nicely underacted. A simple and charming idea that probably works its socks off. I was surprised the second ad was about ties, not names. There are so many more unfortunate names to poke fun at.”

Greg Fiske, senior creative, Sputnik Agency

Like a lot of creatives, our minds wander off into all sorts of places and we often forget to do things unless they’re on a note right in front of us. So naturally I’m writing this the day before it’s due and I apologise if I ramble on.

Bingle (01). I liked the one with the 50ft woman but I feel like they’re pushing the ‘50s B-grade horror metaphors too far and it’s getting a bit dry. The campaign literally drops the proposition on you but doesn’t go into any detail to address what their insurance actually covers you from.

It’s fun but unfortunately doesn’t answer any questions I may have about the product and doesn’t do a good enough job to make me want to grab the closest iDevice and find out more.

White Ribbon (02). Victims of abuse tend keep everything inside rather than share their problems with others so I find it quite odd that this campaign suggests we essentially do the same. It doesn’t seem like a good way to encourage people to get out and spread the word.

I can’t really imagine a group of people having an in-depth discussion about violence against women when they’re sitting around staring at the TV, drink in hand. I’m also not entirely sure what this ad wants me to do – hold an event, make a donation, get involved online?

MLA (03). I’ve never really understood the need to buy more lamb, or in this case beef. For my entire life beef has been one of those household staples. Who’s not buying this?!

It’s a simple, well executed idea that makes me proud to be a warm and, at times, odd-looking Australian who loves a nice hot meal.

Maggi (04). This ad does a good job of demonstrating the product and how easy it is to prepare a meal for two, as you would expect. And while I didn’t mind the script I felt the performance was less than desirable.

The delivery of the lines felt forced, as did the rest of the set-up. It simply didn’t feel natural which left the humour a bit lost on me.

Having said that, my wife did laugh at it so maybe it’s just my sense of humour.

Click here to see the TVC.

Tourism WA (05). Coming from a digital background, I don’t find it overly surprising that one of the smarter ad executions I’ve seen this year just happens to be online. I thought this was well thought out and equally well executed.

Despite the large amount of information I was impressed that everything was very simple to navigate through and kept me engaged.

Trade Me (06). I really enjoyed these ads. I thought everything from the period costumes to the sets and the unenthused expressions on the kids’ faces was executed with beautiful detail.

The first execution was funny, but it was the second one that really got me when I remembered that one of my old CDs used to wear the same tie around the office.

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