Creative Focus: All creatures great and small

Creative Focus: All creatures great and small

Every week creatives from different agencies put pen to paper and judge six different ads.

Up for review this week:

  • Allianz, 'One Trusted Partner', MercerBell
  • NRMA, 'Bringing your Football Back', M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment
  • Nestle, Nescafe Blend 43, Publicis Mojo
  • RSPCA, 'We're all creates great and small', Engine
  • Lion, Tap King, BMF
  •, 'Sergei', VCCP

James Lucas and Duncan Harriss, creative partners, Limehouse Creative

It seems that agency folk are usually the ones asked to review, so it was quite the honour to be asked. We run a post-house mostly providing retouching and CG for print. We’re definitely a part of the creative workflow, albeit often nearer the tail-end of the process, though we do often remind others of our value further upstream whenever we can. We even added it as a business surname, lest anyone forget.

Allianz (01).

J: We’ve all done it.

D: Even a clumsy bugger like me hasn’t backed in to a wall of paint. It’s clever how it engages and does something different with the skip buttons.

J: I like it. For what it is meant to do, it’s effective.

D: I can’t help feel it lacks authenticity without expletives but love the ‘aw yeah’ at the end, funny.

J: Aw yeah! But ‘m confused. The man was driving. And if not, surely it’s his misses, so how did she get to the garage door so quick?

D: Who knows, all this new fangled car technology. Time and space questions notwithstanding, I like it.

NRMA (02).

J: I’d love some season tickets to the football. Any Englishman would.

D: Speak for yourself. Rugby’s a real man’s game.

J: For the footie fans, it’s a great incentive and there’s a good story behind it too. It’s aimed at the fans and they’ll love it. What’s with the chain-link sound effect on some of the kicks though? Strange.

D: Also, don’t you feel a little sad for the young kids giving up their old trusty footballs? They are giving them out but only once they’ve taken some away.

J: Like the Robin Hood of football.

Nestle (03).

J: We all remember the Nescafe ads, not really in detail but I definitely have a feeling of nostalgia.

D: Yes I remember them too, nostalgia 101, definitely a good call tapping in to that.

J: I like the old ‘timeless’ mantra in there.

D: It’s really well produced, not too cheesy.

J: The music is a good choice as well.

D: Like nostalgia – nothing particularly memorable, warm and fuzzy but nice all the same.

RSPCA (04).

D: Hey, print! Something we know about.

J: Good execution, aesthetically pleasing.

D: Great photography, treatment and an interesting idea. All well produced – just noticeable enough to spot what’s strange, but not too freaky. I really like them, easily my favourite so far.

Lion (05).

D: Mmm beer.

J: Don’t be swayed.

D: This is the clear winner. It’s got everything – beautifully produced, a song everyone knows.

J: There are subtle touches I like – the chap’s face is priceless – you instantly relate.

D: I heard Lionel got to pay off a big tax bill with the money too, so there’s another plus – beer certainly saved his day.

Compare the Market (06).

J: Loved the UK 2009 original ads with a passion, so it’s kind of impossible not to compare.

D: I read somewhere that the Blighty public voted them the most-loved ads of all time.

J: They were beautifully produced, witty, and we all loved the characters.

D: These are funny, and the production’s great.

J: So not a huge progression but a nice continuation and definitely a good addition to the series.


Andrew Town, creative partner, Mr Mumbles

Allianz (01). IIIIIIIIII was wondering where this campaign was going. This is definitely the most interesting iteration of the ‘Ahhhh’ campaign that I’ve been exposed to. This is a nice, simple campaign that invites the viewer to take part but still works when left to its own devices.

NRMA (02). One of this year’s great sporting success stories – their first year in the competition and premiers. NRMA must be ecstatic at the value they’ve extracted from this sponsorship. Well done to the marketing team for thinking of tangible ways for the sponsorship to work hard for them as well. An oft media-spruiked ingredient for the team’s success has been its ability to really connect with the community. A football team that’s switched on in its on and off field endeavours is hard to find. Should be plenty of market goals coming in the future.

Nestle (03). Opening and smelling the product tick. Red coffee cup, tick. Happy family in the kitchen, tick. Nice track, tick. Care factor, cross. I love my moments and connections but I’d like them to be fresh please. I can see how a group of people in a room could convince themselves that they had most bases covered with this spot, but it feels like a pretty tired formula.

RSPCA (04). A nicely crafted campaign that gives me an interesting insight. If the target is kids and lapsed donors, I imagine it’s going to work really well. Grown ups who don’t get the warm fuzzies about animals will probably need something a bit more dramatic.

Lion (05). I’m a fairly regular bloke who likes beer and it definitely gave me a chuckle. Best use of Lionel Richie in a commercial that I’ve seen. Nice product innovation as well. Job done. Congrats to Lion and the agency for not spending the whole minute telling us about the sleek design and what a great idea it is. I just hope they stock 150 Lashes refills.

Compare the Market (06). I’m a weasel fan myself, but when this campaign first launched in the UK I thought they were onto a winner and it’s good to see it still going strong. They’ve developed a simple, fun and entertaining vehicle to try to connect with an audience in a really low interest category.

He hasn’t lost anything in translation, but hopefully the local client and agency will be given the flexibility to push Alexsandr’s Eastern European charm into more local contexts – and give us a few more laughs along the way.

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