Copywriter's 'one buck, one pluck' cancer promise

Copywriter's 'one buck, one pluck' cancer promise

Going bald for charity is nothing new but senior GPY&R copywriter Alex Wadelton has avoided the easy route, swapping a razor for tweezers and promising a pluck for every buck.

In a bid to raise funds for children’s cancer charity Camp Quality the Melbourne creative has promised to pluck a hair from his head for every dollar donated.

With an average of  more than 100,000 hairs on a human head there is a lot of fundraising potential sprouting from Wadelton’s noggin.

He has created a campaign, ‘One Buck, One Pluck’, and a website to drive his painful cause explaining: “I would rather I be in pain then the kids be in pain”.

His campaign comes as Camp Quality celebrates its 30th year of providing children with cancer the chance to escape their disease with a bit of childish fun.

For every donation received Wadelton will film himself plucking the hairs from his head as proof.

Want to see Wadelton with half-a-head of hair or even a quarter? Donate here at

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