'Consumer pressure' changes John West's ways

'Consumer pressure' changes John West's ways

Greenpeace has claimed victory for its six-week campaign against John West’s “destructive fishing” as the tuna brand pledges to stop using unsustainable methods by 2015.

Coles and Woolworths may be the next companies Greenpeace targets as the group highlights the supermarket giants as “the only two major companies on the Australian market not to have committed to sustainable fishing”.

The environmental activist group cited consumer pressure as the key to John West’s sustainability commitment with 20,000 Australian’s supporting the Greenpeace activity.

Nathaniel Pelle, oceans campaigner for Greenpeace, said: “It was people power that stopped the super trawler fishing Australian Waters, and it was consumer pressure that got John West to stop its destructive fishing.”

“In six weeks 20,000 Australians demanded John West respect fisheries science and change their tuna.

“This is a win for consumers and a win for the oceans. It shows that when Australians take action together, we can bring about real change.”

Following the release of a new John West ad, created by BWM, in October Greenpeace launched an assault on the brand.

The first missile aimed at John West was a gruesome spoof of the new TVC (below).

This was followed by Greenpeace’s accusation that the brand was blocking international views of its local Facebook page which carried a torrent of consumer complaints.

Greenpeace also accused John West and its parent company Simplot of censorship when an outdoor company pulled down an anti-John West ad following “commercial pressure”.

As a result John West has committed to a ban on the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs) with purse seine nets by 2015.

In a statement John West said following “recent proactive engagement with Greenpeace” it sought to clarify its position.

John West said: “By 2015 John West will end sourcing tuna from fisheries using methods that current science shows to be unsustainable such as the use of FAD-associated purse seine caught tuna and will only sell tuna caught using environmentally responsible methods, currently defined to include pole & line and un-associated purse seine.”

“ New fishing technologies, processes or practices that are developed must be shown through independent, peer-reviewed research to have an equal or lower level of by-catch and/or habitat damage and/or ecosystem impacts and/or impact on CPUE data collection as those methods mentioned above before being considered as sustainable alternatives.”

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