Conan O'Brien tells advertisers the best integration is natural

Conan O'Brien tells advertisers the best integration is natural

If you want your product integration on a TV show to go viral you have to stand back and trust the experts according to chat show host Conan O’Brien.

In a hilarious interview at the Cannes Lions Festival the US funnyman took the opportunity to have a cheeky dig at brands who try to control what he does on his hit show.

“If it works for us it’s going to be better for your product,” he said.

He added cheekily: “It works best when you give me lots of money, and wire the money straight into my account, don’t give it to Time Warner. Then don’t bother with this “research” to see what effect it’s had for your brand.

“It feels wrong when they do research.”

On a serious note he said the success of his show was in part because he refused to compromise or pander to sponsors, keeping it as an “authentic” experience for his viewers.

“It’s about making people laugh from your own sense of humour,” he said. “When you set out to make the show more profitable you end up losing. People know it’s authentic, they know I’m not going to do something that’s terrible because I want to do a deal with an advertiser.”

He also warned presenters have to shift away from the “I am it” attitude to become more engaged with the audience, adding “we need to find different ways to connect with people”.

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