Clip licensing misunderstood

Clip licensing misunderstood

Clip licensing is misunderstood in the industry according to Warner Bros. managing director of consumer products, Preston Lewis.

Speaking at MAD Week, Lewis explained many are unaware of the scope of content  that clip licensing includes.

“When we talk about it [with clients at Warner Bros.] most people think it means to literally take a clip from a television show and put it in a commercial,” Lewis said.

He explained that from a Warner Bros. stand point, it can include custom animation, along with parodies, and the use of stills across all mediums, from billboards to digital and print advertising.

The Warner Bros. clip library is the single largest in the world consisting of over 7000 films, shows such as Seinfeld, and hundreds of thousands of hours of animation.

“Clip licensing allows clients to cut through the clutter,” Lewis said.

The Bridge’s managing director John Fuhr explained how the agency obtained a license from Warner Bros. to leverage off the message and characters of The Wizard of Oz for its client Bulla. 

Fuhr explained that by using Dorothy in its Coming Home TVC, the brand was able to leapfrog the need to establish new character connections with audiences and instead, work off ones they already knew.

Building off Dorothy's link to home, the ad gained the highest recall of any previous Bulla ad and saw an increase in sales of 20,000 units in the first week of screening. 

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