Would you post childbirth pics on Facebook?

Would you post childbirth pics on Facebook?

More than 10% of Australians believe it’s acceptable to post photographs of a woman in the midst of child birth on to social media, according to a new report on social media privacy.

Furthermore, 13% believe it’s okay to share photographs from a funeral, and 11% believe its fine to share photos from “an intimate moment” with a partner.

The figures come from new research by Crossman Insights which investigates  public standards of privacy in relation to online social behaviour.

According to Crossman, one in five (21%) believe it’s acceptable to upload images at an accident site where people are hurt, 16% during minor surgery under local anaesthetic, and 15% of people in public places who are unaware their photo is being taken.

In every case, male respondents found these actions more acceptable than female respondents.

When it comes to online activity at meal time, 45% of people use Facebook, Twitter or another social media site during a meal with others, rising to two thirds (66%) amongst 18 to 34 year olds.

Furthermore, half of Australians browse the internet when dining with others, (rising to 69% amongst 18 to 34 year olds). Men are more likely to browse during dinner than women with 58% claiming to do so compared to 47% of women.

Ironically, however, 77% believe it is unacceptable to use your mobile phone or tablet when dining out with others.

Four in 10 people share pictures of themselves or the people they are with, and a quarter of Australians upload photos of the meal they are eating. Almost half (43%) of 18 to 34 year olds share images of their dishes, more than any other age group.


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