'Challenger' Bing Ads brings competition to search in Australia

'Challenger' Bing Ads brings competition to search in Australia

The long-awaited launch of Bing Ads in Australia finally happened today, with Mi9 rolling out the platform many hope will create a credible contender to Google’s adword dominance.

It will see search incorporated into Mi9’s suite of offerings for the first time, with the search engine claiming a unique global audience of 2.8m.

Describing the new offer as a “must buy” for marketers Steve Geelan, national sales director of the Microsoft Media Network and Bing for the group, admitted: “Bing is very much the challenger search brand in Australia, so we’re excited to be able to work with Microsoft to bring this advertising platform to market.

“Competition is necessary in any industry to keep it healthy.”

Microsoft’s global head of Bing Ads Steve Sirich told B&T in April: “We see it as a marathon not a sprint against Google … we’re aware they're the industry leader. But we think we can differentiate from them, because we see that search is evolving from just a destination experience into more of a platform one that powers multiple services.”

The company claims their unique global audience spends 136% more time than the average searcher when looking for goods on the platform.

The move was also welcomed by Resolution Media, with Dan Robins, national head of search saying it will provide “much needed competition” to the search market.

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