Cash for Containers scheme sees international model pose as The Sunbaker

Cash for Containers scheme sees international model pose as The Sunbaker

The proposed national Cash for Containers scheme caused a lawsuit between Coca-Cola and the Northern Territory Government last year, and now international plus-sized model and environmental scientist Laura Wells is getting involved.

The model has joined with Greenpeace and the Boomerang Alliance to promote the initiative with a billboard and poster campaign to run throughout Sydney and Melbourne.

The poster is inspired by Max Dupain’s famous shot The Sunbaker, depicting the model lying on the beach mimicking the pose while surrounded by rubbish. It makes a statement about the national Cash for Containers scheme in reducing the rubbish harming marine wildlife.

 “Every year in Australia 8 billion bottles and cans are littered or go to landfill, that’s’ more than the planet’s entire population,” commented model Ms Wells.

“This rising tide of plastic waste not only leaves our beaches, parks and rivers looking like rubbish tips but is killing marine animals like sea birds.”

“A national Cash for Containers Scheme, similar to South Australia’s, could double recycling rates and greatly reduce plastic rubbish in our parks, beaches and oceans.”

Greenpeace campaigner Reece Turner says the South Australian container deposit scheme has contributed to a recycling rate of 83% since its introduction 30 years ago, while overseas, Germany and California have recycling rates of between 88% to 98% thanks to similar schemes.

 State and federal governments are expected to make a decision on whether to introduce the national scheme later this year.

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