Car brands accelerate their green credentials

Car brands accelerate their green credentials

Toyota, Ford and Honda lead Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands Report this year, with automotive brands’ commitment to innovation storming the list’s top 10.

Five of the Green Brand’s top 10 places were taken by car brands with Nissan and Ford also featuring.

“The leading auto brands in this year’s report have made significant progress in regards to how their sustainability efforts are perceived by consumers worldwide,” the 3rd annual Interbrand study said.

“From managing to improve their stature on top sustainability reports and indexes, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), to investing in advertising spend, these brands are not hesitant to communicate their innovative and sustainable practices to consumers worldwide.”

Two car brands, Nissan and Ford, are also amongst the study’s top risers.

A commitment to innovation appeared to be a recurring theme with 12 of the 50 being technology brands.

“Whether it be efforts to reduce energy use through more efficient designs, or re-imagining how products are packaged and shipped, leading tech brands are turning their flagship offerings into performance and efficiency heroes.”

Panasonic lead the category and came fourth overall.

Adidas, Nike, H&M and Zara are the year’s top retail and fashion brands with the report describing them as “sustainable fast fashion”. Nike has made a commitment to becoming more water and energy efficient while Zara has built a store in New York that features motion detectors in a bed to reduce energy consumption.

Nissan, Ford, UPS and Nokia were revealed as the year’s top green risers.

Nissan, which came fifth, jumped 16 places from 21st last year, Ford moved 13 spots with UPS and Nokia both jumping up by 11 places.

The green report examines the gap between a corporation’s environmental practices and consumers’ perceptions of the brand. Consumers are interviewed about brands in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report and their views are then compared to Deloitte environmental sustainability performance data.

David Pearson, global sustainability leader Deloitte, said: “Sustainability continues to assert itself on the business agenda. Customers and stakeholders are holding businesses more and more accountable for sustainability performance, and businesses…are thus showing increased focus and innovation in the sustainability realm—leading to improved programs and reporting.”

For more Interbrand research see the ‘Best Retail Brands’ report, which B&T revealed, here.

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