Cannes: 'Never apologise' on 'Wild West' social media say celebs

Cannes: 'Never apologise' on 'Wild West' social media say celebs

Social media is like the “Wild West” and you should never “apologise” for what you have said on there, according to a panel of celebrities including Martha Stewart and Mel B at Cannes Lions.

Talking about the changes social media has made for celebrities in communicating with their fans, comedian Nick Cannon said it had heaped pressure on traditional media outlets, who used to own that relationship.

“People now have direct access to this information,” he said. “You guys have to be more creative and come up with an opinion to be that much more prominent and powerful.”

But the America’s Got Talent host, who is married to Mariah Carey and has 4.3m Twitter followers, said you should never apologise or delete a tweet because “you’re just admitting that you’re wrong”.

His opinion was echoed by Stewart, who also admitted she “can’t be political” when using social media because of her successful magazine and TV franchises which rely on subscribers.

“I can never talk about my political views or say I’m sick of this guy, because 50% of my readers and viewers may disagree and cancel their subscription,” she added.

Talking about the relationship between brands and celebrity endorsements former X-Factor host Mel B said there was no reason she should disclose she owned a water company when tweeting about it, “because I like the product”.

But Cannon said the impact the medium has had has made the jobs of celebrities “easier”, but added: “No-one wants to be sold to or preached at all the time. What you can say is ‘this is the lifestyle I live’ and ask people’s opinions on things.

“It’s just like asking friends and people who share the same interests as you.”

Stewart said trying to impose a code of conduct for endorsements on social media would be fruitless, as it is "out of hand" and like "the Wild West".

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