Cannes: Don't make your competitor an enemy

Cannes: Don't make your competitor an enemy

Creative storytelling for brands needs protagonists and antagonists, but waging war on a competitor is “the wrong thing to do” according to Arnold Worldwide executive creative director Pete Favat.

In an intimate session with journalists after his talk at Cannes called “You Need an Enemy” he said creatives should “stuff your face with culture” to get inspiration.

On the idea of communicating through storytelling he said: “Do not mistake this as some easy formula to make messages. It’s not just ‘because I’m for white I’m against black, you have to figure out how to find your way into people’s lives through a story.

“The easy thing to do is to wage war on your competitor which is the wrong thing to do. In the end people are not going to care about your war.”

He added the key was to “make people care about messages” because “no-one out there is waiting to hear what you have to say, you have to figure out a way to make people hear”.

Co-presenter, artist Shepard Fairey who painted the iconic ‘Hope’ portrait of Barack Obama, said he could “tell people who want to connect with humanity in a meaningful way rather than manipulate” through advertising.

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