Business cards escaping the grave

Business cards escaping the grave

Those tiny rectangles of paper that seem to either make your wallet burst at the seams or scatter themselves haphazardly around your desk are far from dead, new research claims.

After a survey of 1000 businesses, crowdsourcing marketplace,, unearthed many Aussies still love the rectangular, sharp-edged holder of personal information.

With your name, title, contacts and whatever extra info you feel warrants the space as well as sometimes a cheeky photo, the meeting of a brand new face in the market sees 88% of Aussies succumbing to the urge to hand over that tiny slip of paper.

At least 70% of those presented with the honour of the card also still find them useful, often entering the information immediately into a variety of their technological devices.

Apart from discovering the hidden secrets of the crowd, Designcrowd also helps source out different designers and ideas from all over the world to create or transform any blah card into a stunning masterpiece.

"Business card design crowdsourcing is one of the fastest growing categories on DesignCrowd,”   Alec Lynch, founder and CEO of DesignCrowd said.

“While many are taking their business to the digital level, business cards remain an important marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We've seen business card design requests on DesignCrowd grow 357% in the last year.

"Aspiring entrepreneurs can now launch a business idea with a laptop and a credit card in just a few days. You can crowdsource design ideas overnight and get your business card design printed and your website hosted and up and running for a few hundred dollars in just a few days."

During his studying, Lynch has also noted how business cards aren’t just holding the basic name and number anymore.

Websites, twitter handles and even QR codes have embedded themselves within many cards.

“A business card should express what your company does and make it as easy for people to reach you – this is why more and more businesses are getting custom business card designs,” Lynch added.

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