Brands struggle to see their customers

Brands struggle to see their customers

Customer engagement is top of mind for 94% of marketers but 56% do not have a single view of each of their customers, a study has found.

Holding marketers back is a lack of drive and confidence, according to Responsys’ Asia Pacific president, Paul Cross.

“There is no excuse not to be doing these things well,” Cross told B&T.

“They have access to the technology, they know that it is important and the ways of achieving customer engagement and individualised life cycle marketing are known.

“A lot of it is just to do with drive, and vision and resource allocation.”

A lack of vision was identified as a key barrier to individual customer engagement by 23% of the respondents to the Responsys and Econsultancy survey.

Respondents include big-name brands such as Westpac, NRMA, Betfair and Kimberly-Clark among others.

37% also said they were too focused on short-term strategy and that their marketing campaigns are devoid of an overall direction.

A shortage in internal resources was another challenge for 71% of marketers and 65% said they are unable to effectively manage customer data.

“If you don’t have a single view of a customer, their data and what they are doing, you can’t even begin to give them a unique experience,” Cross added.

Online department store, which was recently acquired by Grays Online and is a Responsys client, has experienced brand benefits since personalising its email marketing.

By tailoring its communications the business has doubled its repurpose rate from customers and seen a 25% increase in conversion rates. The brand has also received an 85% revenue boost from its first time buyer program.

Marketers’ confidence has also taken a nock according to Cross. Instead of a clear campaign calendar and pushing out mass market messages they now have to cultivate relationships with every customer at scale, However this realignment is yet to occur for the majority of marketers with 46% still focused on large-scale campaigns instead of the customer journey.

Customers now expect to have a seamless experience with brands across channels and devices but 69% of marketers rated their customer’s cross-channel experience as ‘average’ or ‘poor’.

 The State of Customer Engagement report surveyed 50 senior reps from large to enterprise level brands in an online survey carried out in May this year.

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