Beards are back

Beards are back

If you’re unable to grow your own beard, don’t worry, a beard transplant will help you on your way to owning your very own chin full of hair

How many of you out there are unable to grow that glorious mane of chin hair? The flowing locks that radiate down from the bottom half of your face, gently caressing your upper lip and, if you’re able to, tickling the top of your chest.

See, beards are back. I mean massively back. It seems every time a glossy magazine falls open, or you’re waiting for your early morning train or heading to the bar for a cheeky one on Friday afternoon, it’s usually beards galore.

If you don’t believe this statement, there are a bunch of hipsters and other follicle-challenged peers around the world who are having their luscious locks transplanted from their head or chest into their chin.

Yep, beard transplants are a thing, and not just a new thing as, according to DNAinfo, there are surgeons in New York who have performing the procedure for 12 years.

Prices for a beard range from $US3000 for fill in sections to $US7000 for a full bush.

Now, as you may recall, we concocted a photo-essay in our latest issue on some of the best beards in the business.

Jason Little from Re, M&C Saatchi, freelancer Jimmy Niggles, Lorraine from The Remarkables, Mark Simpson from Sixty40, Adam Stone from We Are Social and Russ Tucker from Whybin\TBWA DAN.

These men (and woman) all sport the utterly desired facial mane, all ranging from thick to thin, from long to short.

In fact, check out what Jimmy Niggles had to say about his beard. His reason for growing his locks was far beyond aesthetic reasons and much more to do with health.

Check it out here.

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