Be a mate and hydrate

Be a mate and hydrate

Maximus sport drinks is sobering up Sydney streets with Maximus Isotonic Sports Drink and its Sober Squad bringing the message ‘be a mate and hydrate’.

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of hydrating oneself on a night out, highly relevant given the topical debates about the relationship between violence and alcohol of late.

Spokesperson from Maximus said: “Hydrating is a big part of being responsible when out socialising with friends and we thought we’d remind people of this in a fun way with the Maximus Sober Squad.”

The Sober Squad has been handing out free 1 litre bottles around Sydney, particularly on George Street and in Kings Cross and last Friday night saw a bunch of the team squish into the back of a van to head out to Sydney’s hot spots to keep everyone hydrated.

Check out some of the photos from the night.

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