Bauer urges brands to bypass Facebook

Bauer urges brands to bypass Facebook

Tony Kendall, director of sales at Bauer Media, has urged brands wanting to engage with Australian women on social media to bypass Twitter and Facebook and talk directly with Bauer. 

“If you’re thinking social, don’t talk to Facebook. Don’t talk to Twitter. Talk to us,” Kendall (pictured) told a roomful of media buyers and marketers last night in Sydney at an event labelled The Insiders. “Through us on those platforms we can engage with them [women] like no other.”

“You’re all marketers and advertisers in the room, you know that likes mean literally nothing anymore. If you want to deliver effectiveness you have to have engagement with the content on your social platforms,” he added.

According to Bauer, its magazines reach more than nine million women through the various channels, such as social media.

The launch of ten mobile sites in the past few months has already had 2.7 million combined page views and more than one million paid downloads.

Bauer also announced its plans to launch a further 15 mobile sites this year as the content allows for a more “snackable” consumption of brands.

Bauer held the event to share its plans for the coming year as well as reinforce the publisher's relationship with women who, according to statistics presented, are now responsible for more than 70% of major purchasing decisions.

Half of all female baby boomers also agree brands are not marketing to their age group effectively, with 43% of women want women portrayed differently in beauty advertising and 66% of women not happy with how financial services communicate with them, according to statistics presented.

It was also revealed that two new magazine titles are expected to launch later in the year although Bauer representatives remained tight lipped as to what they might be.

An in-depth research project into female friendships and what this means for brands was revealed at the event.

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