B&T: Banned in China

B&T: Banned in China

Word reaches The Networker he may be an outcast should he ever try to cross the Great Wall into China, with B&T’s website apparently blocked by the government in the world’s most populous nation.

One globetrotting exec has reported he was unable to get onto the B&T site whilst in the People’s Republic recently, but freely had access to other marketing trade sites.

Generally the country blocks sites it either seeks to replicate, like social media networks, or thinks would be subversive to its strictly controlled population.

The Networker wonders what B&T could have done to induce the ire of such a mighty nation state? Perhaps they didn't like our expose of what it's really like to work in the China market a year ago?

Maybe we should send over an aid package of back issues to get them up to speed on our pro-capitalist leanings.

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