Aussie news-sharing start-up goes global

Aussie news-sharing start-up goes global

An Aussie digital start-up that connects media outlets with freelance journalists and photographers has launched around the world.

Newsmodo, which was set up by former journalist and Network Ten presented Rakhal Ebeli, facilitates the secure sale of images, video and written stories, as well as the distribution of assignments set by media looking for content from around the world.

It gives freelancers the opportunity to showcase their portfolios, set their own prices and extend their client base, and it means newsrooms can communicate directly with those on the ground to get the news they need from anywhere in the world.

News assignment can be distributed publicly, or discreetly to only the freelancers that newsrooms want to work on the story.

The platform is backed by Dodo founder Larry Kestelman.

Ebeli, who is now back in Australia following international launches in Europe, the US and the Middle East, said: “We are extremely happy with the outcome of our launch abroad, and look forward to the opportunities we can create for our users.

“Newsmodo has been welcomed internationally, as both freelancers and newsrooms embrace new solutions to the growing challenges in the media sphere.

“We hope Australian freelancers and newsrooms meet Newsmodo with as much enthusiasm as their international colleagues.”

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