April Fool's stitch-ups

April Fool's stitch-ups

Pranksters are out in force this April fool’s day, as Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa cause a stir in their office, 2UE’s John and Gary are given a makeover and 3D printing is put to good use at BCM.

BCM claims to have revolutionized 3D printing and now have the ability to print ‘ideas’ straight from the brain. This will speed up the creative process and cut out unnecessary stages in the design process, ‘we found that the modern art director can’t draw. They’re also not very good at articulating their ideas with words. So, we just cut these steps out,’ said BCM Creative Director Peter Goodall. But so far, Goodall admits, the 3D printer has been clogged up with printouts of beer, cars and women.


2UE’s John Stanley and Garry Linnel have been given a full head of photo-shopped hair in an April fool’s day shoot, complete with salt-and-pepper tones. The two baldies are nearly unrecognizable under their simulated wigs.


Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa staged a well-planned stitch-up on their bosses this year, re-wiring the system so that Fitzy’s fake resignation could be heard throughout the office as though it was being played on-air. The whole office watches on in horror as Fitzy drops a series of swear-words during the prank.

Melbourne’s Mix101.1 listeners were enraged when former contestants of My Kitchen Rules revealed false winners while on air. Radio duo Chrissie and Jane had competition co-host and judge Manu in on the prank, pretending to be outraged that Mix101.1 had aired the leak. 

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