Apps, data and that moment of inspiration

Apps, data and that moment of inspiration

So as a marketer you want to communicate with your audience on the device that never leaves their side, right?You want real-time data to determine the timing and context of your message and above all you want to be relevant and in the moment.

Now with dynamic mobile user data, updated as preferences and lifestyle behaviours, these selected audience segments will never become outdated. Location is a marketer’s greatest asset to uncover context for a consumer, enabling brands to tailor and time messages appropriately.

This level of personalisation allows you to reach every marketer’s Holy Grail of being in ‘the moment of inspiration’.

Earn your right to be on people’s devices

How do you become a part of people’s lives? We know interrupting them doesn’t work so well and leaves a bad taste. We also know you need to build trust to start a relationship.

So how do you start that relationship in the first place?

This requires some understanding on your part, knowing what your customers want, when they want it and being relevant.

They crave information, so help them to stay on top of their busy lives. Don’t just deliver any message; deliver a message with value that makes their day better. If you can create an app that does this then you get close to your customers like never before.

They’ll respect and love you for it and in this connected world that’s a lot of potential relationships.

Mobile Apps – The gateway to getting close to your customer

Through creating an app that your audience actually wants to download and interact with you now have the gateway to a broader, strategic approach to acquiring, converting and retaining customers. This approach fully leverages and integrates technologies including apps, push messaging, in-app landing pages and the digital wallet to deliver value in an individual’s preferred context.

Your audience expect more than goods or services when they decide which companies to invite into their lives via app download. They expect value-added content. If they are disappointed—perhaps by an app that doesn’t perform or spams messages at them—they’ll soon delete it and move on. But if they are allowed to control that engagement, the app might become a permanent fixture and get regular use.

Being this close to the consumer is a wonderful thing. Your business must treat this audience as individuals. Do this well, and you will win their hearts and minds.

For business, this channel represents immense opportunity. When else can you say your brand is literally in your customers pocket and for most of us always by our side. You have the opportunity to become integrated into the rhythm of their daily life—into their routine. Delight and surprise them and they will reward you with more attention, more business, greater loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Paul Coleman is the founder of Fuse Mobile.

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